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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Power Building Fund

Enquiry Hotline & Email

Hotline: 2510 2701

Enquiry email: SPBF@hkelectric.com


For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Smart Power Building Fund (SPBF) attached in the SPBF Application Form.

Will a residential estate with multiple blocks receive the same subsidy cap as a single-tower residential building?

The subsidy cap of a single-tower residential building would be $250 thousands to $400 thousands (depending on building category). For an application covering multiple blocks, the cap will be lower with more blocks sharing out. Please refer to Clauses 4.7 and 4.8 of the Guide to Application for details.

Shall I pay the project cost in advance?

The subsidy will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis upon the completion of project, and will be determined based on actual project cost.

Will a multi-owned building without Incorporated Owners (IO) or owners' organisation be eligible?

For a multi-owned building without IO or owners' organisation, the person or company specified in the DMC of a building to manage the building (the DMC Manager); or an owner as a representative for all the owners, who has a written authorisation of all the owners of the building, is eligible to submit an application for the building.

If a building has applied other subsidy for a certain type of retrofitting project (e.g. Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme), will that retrofitting project be eligible for applying for a subsidy under the SPBF?

Application of that retrofitting project will be considered. However, in accordance with clause 9.1 of the Guide to Application, Project Subsidy/Revenue of the Projects (including part of the Projects), whether approved or under application, regardless of whether it is actually received or not by the Applicant, shall be deducted from the Eligible Project Costs to determine the Net Eligible Project Cost.

May I apply for several numbers of energy efficiency enhancement projects in one application, for example, apply for retrofitting work of lifts and lighting together?

One single application can include more than one type of energy efficient enhancement projects.

For retrofitting of lifts, what project items will be eligible for subsidy?

Only the project items directly related to upgrade of the energy efficiency performance will be subsided (e.g. lift motor drive). Other accessories or balance-of-plant components e.g. lift decoration that are not related to energy efficiency improvement will not be subsidised.

What is the Qualified Service Provider (QSP)? Is it compulsory to hire QSP for the project? When is the proper time to engage a QSP?

The applicant shall, prior to the application, engage a Registered Energy Assessor (REA) registered under the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap. 610) (the BEEO) as the QSP, responsible for certifying the detailed scope of the projects, monitoring of the procurement, supervising the project, and completing and certifying the project completion reports on compliance with the BEEO.