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Prevent Damage on Electricity Supply Lines


Prevent Damage on Electricity Supply Lines

HK Electric delivers electricity to customers' premises mainly through underground cables and occasionally through overhead lines. Damage on underground cables and overhead lines (collectively known as electricity supply lines) must be avoided as it could lead to power interruption and/or bodily injury and/or fatality of the site personnel.

In order to avoid incidents of damage, contractors who carry out works near electricity supply lines should strictly follow the requirements stipulated in the "Code of Practice on Working near Electricity Supply Lines" published by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department under the Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation as well as the following information published by HK Electric.

Useful Information

The following information on the prevention of damage on electricity supply lines are issued by HK Electric :

Request for Underground Cable/Overhead Line Plan

If you are going to carry out construction work, you can write to HK Electric to obtain the underground cable plans and/or overhead line plans. Request letter with mark-up plan showing the proposed work location should be sent to HK Electric via the following channels:

Planned Works

By Post


Distribution Planning Department,
The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.,
Hongkong Electric Centre,
44 Kennedy Road,
Hong Kong.

By facsimile

Facsimile number:

2810 0506

Emergency Works

By facsimile

Facsimile numbers:

2843 3110 (office hours)
2510 7812 (after office hours)

Office hours:

08:45 – 17:15 hours on weekdays


Telephone No.: 2814 3443 (24-hour hotline)

Incident Reporting

Telephone No.: 2555 4999 (Chinese 24-hour hotline)
Telephone No.: 2555 4000 (English 24-hour hotline)