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ISO 9000

ISO 9001 Certificates

Customer Installation Inspection Service and Metering Work

To achieve service excellence, we have applied ISO 9001 in our inspection service and metering work. The certification scope of this ISO 9001 quality system is "Job Scheduling Design and Provision of Customer Electrical Installation Inspection Service and Metering Work".

Metering work includes supply connection and disconnection, meter installation, maintenance and replacement and the associated quality assurance and meter audit work.

Under the Electricity Ordinance, it is necessary for The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. to inspect a customer's electrical installation prior to connection of supply. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the customer's installation meets the basic safety requirements at the time of connection of supply.

The Company considers inspection service as an important part of customer service. To provide speedy and responsive service to customers, extensive application of IT and electronic processing is made use of in the inspection administrative system. A one-and-a-half hour time band is provided for all inspection appointments and supply will be connected immediately after Satisfactory Installation Inspection.

Electricity Meter Testing Services

Metering is an important part of customer services because it is related to billing.

To ensure meter accuracy, all meters are required to pass a rigorous test in our Tariff Meter Testing Centre before installation at site. The meter testing processes are automated and computer-controlled so that test results are directly generated and recorded in the computer as an audit trail.

Our meter testing services are certified to the ISO 9001 quality management standard. The accuracy of our meter test results is traceable to international standards.

Design and Provision of Emergency Services to Customers and Reliability Rating of Electricity Supply

The emergency services are provided by a team of experienced engineering staff who provide round-the-clock assistance to the customers promptly, professionally and courteously on Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island.

Requests for emergency services in connection with electricity supply may be made to the 24-hour hotline tel.: 2555 4999 (Chinese) or 2555 4000 (English) at the Company's Customer Emergency Services Centre.

In the ISO 9001 certification for the design and provision of emergency services, the arrival time is an important performance indicator as we have pledged a service standard to arrive at the scene of emergency in urban areas, on average, in less than 28 minutes.

In order to monitor the service standard, every call from the customer is recorded in our computer system. On receiving a report from the customer, our emergency crew will be dispatched to the site. When they arrive at the scene, the arrival time will be reported and recorded in our computer system so that the total time taken from call receiving to arrival at scene can be calculated.

In order to monitor the service standard of reliability rating of electricity supply, the figure of reliability rating of electricity supply is calculated on a monthly basis. Details of all incidents, which will affect the reliability rating, recorded in our computer systems are counterchecked and reviewed by our professional engineers to explore means for further improvement.

To facilitate prompt restoration of supply to the affected customers when a fault occurs, the Company has commissioned and maintained mobile generators that can be mobilised to provide temporary supply to customers when required.

Design and Provision of Customer Services Including Enquiry Services, Customer Accounts Management, Meter Reading and Customer Billing Services

To achieve service excellence, we have adopted ISO 9001 quality management system for our customer service / accounts management. The certification scope of this ISO 9001 quality system is "Design and Provision of Customer Services including Enquiry Services, Customer Accounts Management, Meter Reading and Customer Billing Services." All activities relating to customer accounts including supply application, account transfer, account termination, deposit refund, meter reading, billing and credit control as well as counter and telephone enquiry services at the Customer Centre and Call Centre are covered.

In addition, to ensure continuous improvement on customer services, customer services enhancements are developed from time to time and these are systematically implemented according to the quality standard of ISO 9001.

Shutdown Management System Including Design and Administration of Planned Suspension of Electricity as well as Calculation of Customer Minutes Lost and Average Service Availability Index

While customers of HK Electric enjoy highly reliable electricity supply, temporary suspension of electricity is still inevitable to facilitate preventive maintenance, connection of supply to new customers and reinforcement of supply network. In order to minimise the inconvenience caused to the customers, the Company has established a set of internal procedures and instructions to ensure that:

1. Shutdown is properly planned, arranged, monitored and executed;

2. Notice of temporary suspension of electricity is delivered to affected customers in advance;

3. Shutdown-related enquiries are handled promptly.

The Shutdown Management System and calculation of Customer Minutes Lost were first certified to ISO 9002:1994 by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency in October 1997. The certification was upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in September 2015, and the purpose is to maintain the responsiveness of the Management System in accordance with the changing needs and standardise the system structure through periodic review.

Trench Work in Transmission & Distribution Division

Most of the public utility services in Hong Kong have underground facilities buried under carriageways or footpaths. When necessary, excavation work will be carried out to cater for the operational needs, including new installation as well as maintenance and repair work for the underground facilities.

In Hong Kong, approval of the Highways Department, relevant government authorities or land owners shall be granted prior to commencement of the excavation work. The contractors and the engineers will closely monitor the works according to work instructions until completion of the trench work and the road is reopened to the public.

HK Electric has a trench quality monitoring system to monitor the progress and quality of work. Apart from close monitoring by the engineers, performance review meetings are being held with trenching contractors monthly to ensure their work is up to the required standard of the Company as well as public expectation. Every complaint is thoroughly investigated in an objective and considerate manner and a satisfactory and practical resolution will be offered within a specified time frame.

For major trench projects, not only leaflets will be distributed to affected customers, but courtesy visits will also be paid to affected shops, buildings and schools to present the work details, including the work purpose, duration, etc.

HK Electric is dedicated to upholding the high quality and effective work management of excavation work in order to minimise the inconvenience caused to the public. HK Electric was awarded the ISO 9001 certificate by The Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency for Trench Work in Transmission and Distribution Division. The certification scope includes trench design, trench excavation, trench reinstatement and related activities carried out by Transmission and Distribution Division.

Project Management & Engineering Services for Power Development Works

In fulfilling our commitment to providing our customers with a safe and reliable supply of electricity, we have adopted an effective quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 for our project management and engineering services for power development works. The scope of our quality management system covers a full range of user-oriented project management and engineering services for power development works including feasibility study, design, engineering, construction, testing and commissioning of power generation, transmission, distribution and building facilities. The system helps to ensure our power generation and transmission projects be completed in a timely, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner with the support of our fully integrated and high value added project management and engineering services in terms of effective planning and cost control, and stringent quality assurance/control throughout various project stages.

With the commitment of our top management and dedicated efforts of our workforce at all levels, we will regularly review our ISO 9001 quality management system and make continual improvement of our project management and engineering services in support of the Company's mission to deliver electricity supply of excellent reliability to customers.

Inspection and Testing of Fixed Fire Service Installation at Lamma Power Station

In fulfilling its commitment to providing excellent services to its internal customers, LPS Fire & Security Section established a Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001. The scope of this Quality Management System included inspection & testing of fixed fire service installations at Lamma Power Station and was subsequently accredited by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA).