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Green Energy Dreams Come True Competition

Dreams Come True Tertiary

The competition encourages secondary and tertiary students to realise their green energy dreams promoting decarbonisation, energy efficiency and conservation, as well as renewable energy. An Alumni Club is set up to encourage experience sharing and exchange of ideas. For the list of 2021 funded projects, please click here (available only in Chinese).

Competitions of 2021/22 were completed, the lists of winning projects are shown below.

For details, please click (Secondary school) (Tertiary institution). Enrolment for 2022/23 programme is closed. For the list of 2022/23 funded projects, please click here. 2023/24 programme will be open for enrolment in August 2023.

Results of “Green Energy Dreams Come True Competition 2021/22 (Secondary)”



Project Title & Description


Cognitio College (Hong Kong)

Smart and Green Generation

Utilise solar energy to power up the smart conditioning system of the school's greenhouse and the mosquito repellent and sprinkler system in the school's garden.


1st Runner-up

Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School

Energy Play

Produce different energy devices to facilitate students and the public to appreciate the importance of green energy.


2nd Runner-up

St. Paul's Secondary School

Green Today, Green Tomorrow

Create an animation to illustrate the differences of a world with and without using renewable energy and highlight the importance of energy efficiency.



Christian Alliance SW Chan Memorial College

Save the World with Hydrogen Island

Explore the feasibility of building an artificial island in Hong Kong for developing renewable energy and storing hydrogen.


Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School

Solar-powered Hydroponics System

Develop a hydroponics system leveraging the concepts of environmental protection, waste utilisation, technology and nature.


Confucian Tai Shing Ho Kwok Pui Chun College

Energy Saving in Electricity Generation

Develop a new method to lower building temperature, reduce energy consumption of air-conditioning system and convert the heat from the sun into electricity.


Results of “Green Energy Dreams Come True Competition 2021/22 (Tertiary)”



Project Title & Description


The University of Hong Kong

Innovative Green Wall Development in Urban Area

Design a solar-powered bus stop featuring a green wall structure that helps improve the environment of roadside bus stops in Hong Kong

Studied and developed a prototype of an off-shore 4-in-1 RE floating station that generated solar, wind, wave and marine current energy.

First Runner-up

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology & City University of Hong Kong

Hydrogen - A Big Step Towards Utopia

Study how the perovskite photovoltaic electrolysis system could be adopted to produce green and high purity hydrogen to promote hydrogen economy in Hong Kong

Created an elderly-friendly gym machine which produced energy while exercising. They also developed computer programmes to help elders to identify their optimal exercise level based on their age.

Second Runner-up

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong)

Smart Meter Application in Grid

Research on the development of smart meters in Hong Kong and enhance public knowledge through promotional activities

Studied the possibility of generating energy using seawater through the electrolysis process.


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Green Energy in Future Cities - The Utilization of Piezoelectric Power in Railways and Bridges

Study the feasibility of harvesting piezoelectric power from vibration in the transportation system

Developed a mobile wheel-chair that produced energy.

The University of Hong Kong

Cutting-edge Carbon Reduction Technology of Buildings in Hong Kong

Combine different green technologies such as green walls and power generating tiles to reduce carbon footprint in buildings

Developed a green mobile classroom with worms that consumed food residuals for raising a turtle.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Decarbonisation by 2050 with Green Energy

Develop an educational board game to promote the awareness and understanding of using renewable energy in combating climate change

Developed a system to adjust the angle of solar panels to maximise power output.

City University of Hong Kong

Production of ammonia by electrochemical nitrogen reduction reaction for hydrogen power

Fabricate a new catalyst to improve the efficiency of the less carbon-intensive ammonia production process – the electrochemical nitrogen reduction reaction