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Frequently Asked Questions

Renewable Energy Certificates

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Hotline: 2510 2701

Enquiry email: REC@hkelectric.com


What is Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)?

Each unit carried in a REC represents all the environmental attributes associated with one unit (means one kWh) of electricity generated from local RE sources (solar photovoltaic and wind power systems). A REC purchaser has the right to claim environmental benefits associated with the amount of electricity carried in the REC. Such unit of electricity is either generated by HK Electric or purchased from its customers through the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) Scheme by HK Electric. 

What are the benefits for purchasing REC?

Through the purchase of REC, customers can show their support for the development of RE in Hong Kong and make use of REC to achieve their RE/environmental targets.

Must HK Electric's customers purchase REC?

REC Scheme is a voluntary scheme. Customers who have successfully participated in the FiT Scheme will have priority to purchase REC matching their RE generation outputs.

Who are eligible to subscribe REC from HK Electric?

All registered customers of HK Electric are eligible to purchase REC.

What is the price of REC?

Effective 1 January 2019, the electricity sold under REC is priced at HK$0.5 per unit. The prevailing REC unit price (as a premium on top of normal electricity tariff rate) will be updated and published on HK Electric's website from time to time.

What are the REC subscription options available?

In a calendar year, any purchases of REC under the same electricity account with a cumulative quantity of not more than 10,000 units (minimum purchase quantity at 100 units) of electricity generated from RE is qualified as Small Purchase. Customers can also apply for Bulk Purchase, with a purchase quantity of 10,001 units or above. HK Electric will, on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to the available REC inventory, allocate REC to the customers under the two purchase arrangements.

Can I subscribe REC for multiple years in an application?

Under Bulk Purchase, the customers can subscribe REC for multiple years (up to 2033).  

How can I verify the validity of their REC?

The customers can check the information of their REC via HK Electric's Account-on-Line (AOL) platform after they have separately registered from the AOL service. The general public will be able to review the details of the REC via the REC Information Enquiry on HK Electric's website for validity checking on any sold REC.