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Lamma Wind Power Station


Lamma Wind Power Station

Lamma Wind Power Station

HK Electric commissioned the first commercial-scale wind turbine, Lamma Winds in Tai Ling on Lamma Island to support the development and application of renewable energy in Hong Kong. Please click here to have a look at Lamma Winds in operation.

With a blade diameter of 50 m, hub height of 46 m and a rated power of 800 kW, the grid-connected wind turbine is designed for automatic operation and will generate electricity when wind speed is in the range of 3 to 25 m/s. It has been producing about one million units of green electricity and offsetting 800 tonnes of CO2 emission every year on average.

To promote public understanding of renewable energy, the Company has made use of the 2,500 square metre wind power station site to house an exhibition area, introducing the most common forms of renewable energy including the following:

An energy meter showing real-time data has also been installed to enable visitors to appreciate the wind turbine at work.

In view of the relaxation of social distancing measures further announced by the Government, Lamma Winds exhibition area is reopened since 20 January 2023. The exhibition area is free and open to the public from Monday to Sunday.