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Press Release

3 Oct 2012

In response to press enquiries related to the fatal ferry crash, a HK Electric spokesperson today (3 October 2012) said the following:

(1) Participants list

HK Electric has kept an enrolment list for the fireworks display outing on 1 October 2012 containing the names of staff and number of friends and relatives taking part. However, the attendance of the day may, for various reasons, be different from the time of enrolment. HK Electric has in the past few days spent much effort in trying to compile and verify the information with the authorities concerned, our staff and their relatives.

The company has up to now gathered the details of 127 people on board but for privacy reasons will not be disclosing in public. The identity of the 38 deceased has been confirmed by their families.

(2) Attendance

The attendance figure provided earlier on by HK Electric was based on actual counting of attendance by ferry crew on board. We will continue to find out why the discrepancy exists with the figure provided earlier.

(3) Emergency relief

HK Electric announced yesterday that it would provide $200,000 for each of the deceased as emergency relief to cover funeral services and other contingency. As for issues relating to claims, it will be handled by the company's insurer.

(4) Memorial service

A public memorial service has been arranged for 12:30pm tomorrow (4 October) at St John's Cathedral in Central to mourn the victims. HK Electric will also heed government's appeal for staff to take part in a 3-minute silent tribute at 12 noon.

(5) Public donation

HK Electric has engaged the Christian Family Service Centre to set up a donation account for those affected by the ferry crash. Donations can be made through cheques, internet banking or direct debit to an HSBC designated account. Please click here for further details.