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HK Electric Saddened by Ferry Accident and Pledges Full Support for Rescue and Follow-up Work


HK Electric Saddened by Ferry Accident and Pledges Full Support for Rescue and Follow-up Work

2 Oct 2012

A HK Electric ferry carrying staff and family members to the National Day fireworks display was hit in the middle by another vessel off Lamma Island on 1 October (Monday) and sank soon after. The management and staff of HK Electric are saddened by the news and the company has pledged to do its utmost to assist in the investigation into the cause of the accident while also providing assistance to staff and family members in need.

HK Electric Director of Operations, Mr. Yuen Sui-see said the HK Electric ferry was hit five minutes after it departed from Lamma Power Station (LPS) at 8.15 p.m. The other ferry concerned left the scene immediately following the collision. A report was made to the police by HK Electric ferry crew who also rushed to help passengers put on life jackets and arrange for emergency evacuation.

Mr. Yuen said that an emergency communication centre was set up at HK Electric's Kennedy Road Head Office to coordinate rescue work at LPS and Apleichau Pier. Staff were deployed to assist in taking the injured to hospitals by helicopters from Lamma Island, while some of the injured were sent to hospital from Apleichau.

"We are extremely sad because we arranged the fireworks activity for our staff which has turned into a tragic accident. We will do our utmost to assist the police and Marine Department in the rescue exercise and investigation into the cause of the accident," Mr. Yuen added.

The vessel, part of the HK Electric ferry fleet, has a maximum capacity of about 200 passengers. There were about 120 passengers on board when the accident happened. The police, fire services and Marine Department are continuing with the rescue work. HK Electric is very concerned about passengers on board and representatives have been rushed to four hospitals to render on-site assistance.

An enquiry hotline 2843 3391 has been set up for staff and their families. We are also contacting staff and family members involved to offer our assistance.

HK Electric submission to "Commission of Inquiry into the Collision of Vessels near Lamma Island" (12 December 2012)