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More information on HK Electric bills to encourage energy saving


More information on HK Electric bills to encourage energy saving

12 Jun 2012

More information on HK Electric bills to encourage energy saving.

More information on HK Electric bills to encourage energy saving.

From 12 June 2012 HK Electric's domestic customers will be able to track their electricity consumption for up to two years and learn about their own habits and patterns in energy use through a new format electricity bill.

A bar chart showing the monthly electricity consumption for the past 24 months will be printed on the bills, giving customers a handy reference for better understanding of their own carbon footprint and encouraging smart use of energy.

Apart from this, figures of "carbon dioxide (CO2) emission per unit of electricity consumed" and "per capita consumption for HK Electric domestic customers" will also be carried on the bills.

Director of Engineering (Planning and Development) of HK Electric, Mr. Wan Chi-tin, said the move was to enhance our service to customers, while also responding to recommendations of the Council on Sustainable Development to increase public understanding of electricity consumption patterns.

HK Electric, a subsidiary of Power Assets Holdings Ltd, is the power supplier for HK Island and Lamma Island. It has about 570,000 customers and electricity bills are issued every month. To save paper, bills are printed on the smaller A5 size paper.

"Customers can access their electricity consumption record for the past 24-months, either from our website or through the 'HK Electric Low Carbon App'. But, starting from today, our domestic customers can also check the information direct from their bills which, we trust, will enhance their awareness about energy use and form an important first step towards energy saving," Mr. Wan said.

He said the other two additional figures will remind customers of their carbon footprint in their daily lives. "The average electricity consumption for HK Electric's domestic customers will still be a good benchmark though energy consumption of individual households may be impacted by factors including, family size, number of electric appliances in use, size of unit, as well as living habits of individual households."

Mr. Wan is confident the new arrangement would be welcomed by customers, and the company had received positive feedback from its Customer Liaison Group members who were consulted on the initiative.

"Our customers are also encouraged to visit our company website www.hkelectric.com or 'HK Electric Low Carbon App' for more energy saving tips," he added.

In the meantime, HK Electric will continue to provide energy audit services for commercial customers, while our customer service staff will also offer technical advice on energy saving during courtesy visits.

HK Electric also encourages its customers to go paperless. The company is now offering a one-off tariff rebate of $30 for customers registering for e-bill service before 30 September 2012. Customers may also opt to donate the rebate to a designated green group in Hong Kong. Each customer can help reduce CO2 emissions by about 620 grams a year by switching to e-bills. At present, more than 41,000 customers have gone paperless and they have together reduced a total of 25.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions and helped conserve about 1,100 trees a year.

For more information about e-bill promotion, please visit: www.hkelectric.com.