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Constitutional Documents


Constitutional Documents

HK Electric Investments was constituted as a trust on 1 January 2014 by a Hong Kong law governed Trust Deed entered into between HK Electric Investments Manager Limited (the "Trustee-Manager", as the trustee-manager of HK Electric Investments) and HK Electric Investments Limited (the "Company"). On the same date, the Trustee-Manager adopted a new set of memorandum and articles of association and the Company restated and amended its memorandum and articles of association. The Trust Deed constituting HK Electric Investments and the amended and restated articles of association of the Company were subsequently amended on 13 May 2020 to incorporate the amendments as approved by the holders of share stapled units at the annual general meeting held on the same date.

The current versions of the Trust Deed, the memorandum and articles of association of each of the Trustee-Manager and the Company are set out below: