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Moving Guide

Check items

One month before

  • Collect written quotations from moving agents including their confirmation of pickup and delivery dates in writing.
  • Check with the removal companies whether any loss and damage in connection with their moving services are insured.
  • Choose reputable removal companies.
  • If the removal companies do not provide adequate insurance cover, purchase additional insurance if necessary.
  • Dispose of used or old furniture / electrical appliances if they are not going to be used in the new home.
  • Purchase new furniture and electrical appliances that are suitable for the new home, if necessary.
  • Arrange to change the insured address of your home insurance to your new home.

Two weeks before

  • Arrange to terminate or transfer electricity account.
    To apply for electricity for your premises or terminate the electricity account on Hong Kong Island or Lamma Island, please contact us at 2887 3411 or submit an electronic form via this website. Normally, notification on only one working day in advance is required for connection of supply to existing source. However, if it is a new installation; or the electricity supply has been disconnected for more than four months; or there is alteration to the existing installation and / or the main switching rating (approved loading), an installation inspection is required before connecting supply. In this case, a longer time is required before supply can be made available. You may visit the Electricity Account Processing Guide for details.
  • Arrange to terminate or transfer water account.
    Please contact Water Supplies Department at hotline 2824 5000 or visit their website at http://www.wsd.gov.hk/ for details.
  • Arrange to terminate or transfer telecommunication services.
  • Change mailing address or contact the post office to have your mails forwarded.
    You may contact Hongkong Post at hotline 2921 2222 or visit their website at https://www.hongkongpost.hk/ for details of the mail re-direction service.
    You can also inform various government departments and other institutions for changing the mailing address via GovHK "Online Services". Please call the hotline 3151 2222 or visit their website at http://www.gov.hk/en/residents/housing/moving/ for details.
  • Inform the banks that you have accounts with to change the mailing address.
  • Terminate other routine services if necessary (e.g. newspaper delivery).
  • Clean your new home or arrange for a cleaning service.
  • Confirm with the removal companies on the delivery address, delivery date and phone number.

Two days before

  • Prepare a packing list for removal and start packing. Collect boxes for packing and prepare other packing materials, e.g. adhesive tape, bubble wrap, markers and string.
  • Start packing with items which will not be frequently used prior to your move. Pack the items in different boxes according to their categories and their high / low priority of unpacking. Start packing up with things like clothes not for the current season, photo albums first.
  • The boxes with higher priority of unpacking are those containing daily necessities and items for setting up the furniture, such as towels, bedding, basic kitchen and bathroom supplies and tools (hammer, screwdriver).
  • Ensure all boxes are clearly marked with the different categories and their high / low priority of opening. Remember to mark "Fragile" if necessary. Keep valuable items with yourself.
  • Label all keys of your old home, including keys for bedrooms, storage room for the new occupant
  • Confirm that electricity supply and other utilities are ready in your new home.

On the moving day

At your old home

  • Carefully supervise the move, especially the "Fragile" items and heavy / valuable items, e.g. piano, display porcelain / crystal, hang-up art, etc.
  • Check all items are cleared up in the old home as required.
  • Check to ensure electricity and other utilities are properly turned off in the old home before leaving.
  • Upon final check-up, remember to lock up your old home and leave labelled keys with the landlord, new owners or real estate agent.

At your new home

  • Arrive at your new home before the movers. Switch on the electricity supply. Show the movers where to put boxes and furniture. Ensure all boxes are delivered to the right places and right rooms.
  • Check if you have been given all keys to access every lock.
  • Check to ensure that all electrical appliances are installed safely and are working properly. Don't use adaptor, plug or extension unit that does not comply with regulations.
  • Check to ensure that all packages on the packing list have arrived.
  • Carefully check if there is any damaged item. Keep invoice and relevant documents with the moving agent until all items are checked in order.
  • Start unpacking the boxes according to the assigned priority of opening. Set up your bed, unpack the necessary bathroom utensils.

Tips for choosing the moving agent

Prices of different moving agents may vary with the company size, company goodwill, etc. It is better for you to shortlist more than one removal companies and compare their quotations. You should beware of them if the removal companies refuses to give any quotation in writing. The quotation should cover working in inclement weather, overtime of workers and parking. You should ask the moving agent regarding the insurance protection of their moving services.

Donating or Re-selling Your Furniture or Articles

To handle any unwanted but reusable items, you may try the Hong Kong Second-hand Exchange community service provided by the Environmental Protection Department for donation or for sale at a nominal charge. You may also drop the items at collection points provided by other organisations in your vicinity. It helps to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in Hong Kong.

Note: This moving guide is for general information and reference only. HK Electric shall accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions of the information provided in this moving guide.