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Apply for Electricity Supply and Other Services

How to apply for electricity supply?

If you want to apply for new supply, transfer an account or change the supply loading, in most cases you can simply call us at 2887 3411 during office hours or by completing the electronic form. You may also submit an application form to our Customer Centre by post or in person.

When will supply be available?

Electricity supply will be made available on the next working day for connection to available supply source not requiring installation inspection.

How to terminate an electricity account?

For termination of account, please give us 2 working days advance notice. In most cases, the registered customer can simply call 2887 3411 during office hours, or apply by completing the electronic form. The registered customer may also submit a letter or an "Application for Termination of Account" form to our Customer Centre in person, by post or by fax to 2510 7667.

An account will also be automatically finalized on the effective transfer date of an application for transfer from a new customer. The registered customer is liable for all outstanding charges of an account as long as the account remains under his name.

How to change the bill language and postal address?

Change of bill language and postal address can be arranged by completing the respective electronic form or simply calling 2887 3411 during office hours.

I am the tenant but the account is not registered under my name, what should I do if I move out?

If you are not the registered customer, when you move out of your premises, you may request for a special meter reading on the date you vacate the premises by giving us 1 working day's advance notice. The special meter reading request can be arranged by completing the electronic form or calling us at 2887 3411 during office hours.


Why do I need to pay deposit?

A deposit is required as security for all charges which may become payable under an account. The required deposit is equivalent to 60 days estimated consumption, and the estimation is based on the loading of appliances and the main switch rating.

Is there any interest for the deposit?

An annual interest will be paid to customers for cash deposits at the same rate as HSBC's interest rate for savings accounts with an account balance of $10,000 - $149,999. Interest ceases to be payable upon account termination or transfer of the account. Interest accrued to 31st December will be credited to the January bill of the following year.

When will the deposit be refunded?

The deposit will be refunded to the registered customer upon termination of account.

Account Information

How to access account information?

You can call us at 2887 3411 during office hours. Besides, you may access your electricity account information anytime via our online "Account-On-Line" service and 24-hour automatic telephone system "Account-by-Phone Service" at 2887 3466.

How may I receive the bill?

Besides receiving monthly electricity bills by post, you can opt to receive monthly bills by e-mail, SMS and fax when registering for our "Account-On-Line" service.

What is "Account-On-Line" service?

The "Account-On-Line" service provides you access to your electricity account through Internet. You can view your electricity bill statements, account balance, recent billing, payment records and 25-month consumption history. You may also arrange receiving your monthly bills by e-mail, SMS and fax through this service.

How to register for the "Account-On-Line" service?

If you are the registered customer, you can simply click here Register Account-On-Line. Fill in the required information and start enjoying the convenience of "Account-On-Line" service upon successful registration.

What are the advantages of using "Account-On-Line" service?

After service registration, you can manage your electricity accounts more easily and conveniently. In addition to online access to your account information, you may opt for an e-bill instead of a hardcopy bill. This helps contribute to the environment by saving papers.

Why can't I view / download the e-bills?

After successful registration, you will receive your e-bill in the next billing. E-bills can be viewed / downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, please click here to download for free.

Billing and Payment

How long is the billing period?

We take meter reading and issue bills once every month which on average would be 30 days. However, the billing period may vary having taken public holidays into account.

How to pay electricity bills?

You can pay your electricity bills by Autopay (via bank account or designated credit cards), PPS, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), Internet Payment, by mail and in person at Post Offices (except mobile Post Offices), counter of The Bank of East Asia, HSBC or Bank of China Hong Kong Cheque Deposit Machines and 7-Eleven, Circle K, VanGO Convenience Stores, U Select, or Watsons Stores (except the one at Hong Kong International Airport).

How can I pay electricity bill online?

You can arrange direct bill payment on Internet via PPS by Internet or Smartphone App "PPS on Mobile", "online@hsbc" , "Hang Seng e-Banking", JET payment and Internet banking services provided by other banks in Hong Kong.

What are the advantages of using Autopay?

It saves time, postage expenses and is hassle-free as the bills will be settled automatically. Therefore, Autopay is the most convenient, worry-free and environmentally friendly way of settling your monthly electricity bill.

What factors will contribute to the units consumed and the billing amount?

Electricity consumption of electrical appliances and billing amount will increase if there is change in weather conditions. In summer, air conditioner and refrigerator will consume more electricity and similarly with electric heaters in winter. Your bill may also increase if there is more frequent use of appliances, inefficient or faulty appliances, or appliances being left switched on unnecessarily, etc.

Why is my bill not significantly reduced in my vacation?

There might be a drop in electricity consumption while you go on vacation. However, the savings in your bill may be less obvious if your vacation period falls across two bills, in which case any savings may spread over two bills and become less distinctive.

Why is my bill different from my neighbours?

It often happens that customers may compare their electricity bills with their neighbours'. Sometimes, they are similar, but at other times, they are not. With differences in size of premises, number of family members and their ages, quantity and brands of electrical appliances, usage pattern, etc., considerable variances in electricity consumption are often noticed.