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Energy Efficiency and Power Quality


Energy Efficiency and Power Quality

Electricity Meters Go Digital

HK Electric is committed to providing a world class supply of electricity to the community, enhancing the environmental awareness of its business partners and educating the public on the smart and efficient use of energy.

Electricity Meters Go Digital

HK Electric will be deploying smart meters for customers from April 2020 to 2025. The smart meters and associated applications will provide customers with more consumption details, facilitating them to optimise energy use so that appropriate measures can be taken to save energy. The move will also help transform Hong Kong into a smart city. For details, please click here.

Smart Power Services

Addressing the community's aspirations for cleaner air, and in support of the Government's energy and environmental policy objectives and its long-term decarbonisation strategy, HK Electric provides a suite of Smart Power Services to help customers reduce carbon footprint in daily living and business operations. In addition to promoting promote energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C), HK Electric also encourages the use of renewable energy and adoption of a smart low-carbon lifestyle through the following funding and service schemes under the Smart Power Services. For details, please visit Smart Power Service webpage, contact HK Electric's professional team at 2510 2701 or email to SPS@hkelectric.com.

Through the following online and offline channels and activities, HK Electric provides customers and stakeholders with information and experiences related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, low-carbon lifestyle, smart and green technologies.

Power Quality

HK Electric is committed to providing power with good quality to support the development of society. Reduction of electrical disturbance can avoid the impact on the operation of sensitive equipment and electronic products. We have made every endeavor from the supply side to ensure good power quality. However, the public electricity supply systems are still liable to external influence.

Information in the link may help you understand more about power quality and how to safeguard the power supply for your important services.

"Super Saver Discount"

To encourage energy saving, we have "Super Saver Discount" for residential customers with consumption not more than 100 units in a month. For details, please refer to "Residential Tariff".

Videos in Sign Language

We have collaborated with The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf for production of sign language videos. The videos provide a more effective channel for the hearing impaired customers to understand about safety tips and efficient use of electricity. For details, please click here.