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Contractors Work Corner


Contractors Work Corner

e-REW Express

The "e-REW Express" delivers express news about the interface design between the customer's installation and the Company's supply, inspection and meter installation, power quality, energy efficiency, electrical safety and other topical issues about electricity supply and our services. To get the latest/past issues here, please simply click here.

e-REW Express

Prevent Damage on Electricity Supply Lines

HK Electric delivers electricity to customers' premises mainly through underground cables and occasionally through overhead lines. In order to avoid incidents of damage, contractors who carry out works near electricity supply lines should strictly follow the requirements stipulated in the "Code of Practice on Working near Electricity Supply Lines" published by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department under the Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation as well as the information published by HK Electric. To get the information published by HK Electric on the prevention of damage of on electricity supply lines, please click here.

Protection Scheme for Low Voltage Main Incomer Directly Fed by Transformer

Means of protection for automatic disconnection against phase and earth faults shall be provided on the customer main switch. The type and settings of protective devices shall be so selected that they can grade properly with HK Electric infeed protection. To get the information on typical protection scheme, please click here.

Smart Tips - How to Restore Supply with Faults at Customers' Main Switchboards

HK Electric is committed to providing a safe and reliable power supply to our customers and has been constantly reviewing and upgrading its power system. For customers to enjoy a reliable end-to-end power supply, the reliability of electrical installations at the customer side is equally essential, especially for the main switchboards, where any fault there would result in a prolonged supply interruption to the whole building. Click here to find out how you can restore supply quicker.

Smart Guide for Design of Electrical Installation

HK Electric is committed to providing our customers with excellent services and a reliable and quality electricity supply. One of our missions is to help our customers and electrical contractors to prepare their electrical installations for receiving our electricity supply promptly. To facilitate proper design and construction of electrical installations at the earliest possible stage, a web-based tool is developed to help customers and electrical contractors obtain necessary information and visualise some common departures at any time via a few clicks so that they can be benefited by the timely commissioning of the installations without reworking due to such common departures. To be benefited from the tool, please click here.