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Caring Services

We provide various tailor-made services for customers with special needs, such as SMS enquiry service, sign language videos, Braille bills and electronic bill for visually impaired customers, forms and pamphlets for the ethnic minorities, registration of "life-support" equipment users and other special facilities such as teleloop for the hearing impaired in our Customer Centre.

Caring Services
SMS Enquiry Service and Sign Language Communication with Hearing-impaired Customers

SMS Enquiry Service and Sign Language Communication with Hearing-impaired Customers

For the convenience of hearing-impaired customers, the 'SMS Enquiry Service' has been introduced. In addition to making enquiries by e-mail, they can also contact us and make enquiries by using the 'SMS enquiry service' via a mobile phone. Simply send SMS to our hotline at 6681 3411, we will follow up the enquiries promptly. Our frontline staff at Customer Centre have also learnt basic sign language. The communication between hearing-impaired customers would be more efficient and sincere.

Bills and Brochures for Visually-impaired Customers

For visually-impaired customers, Braille bills in four common Braille languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Putonghua) are provided. Electronic bill service for visually impaired customers is also available for customer choice. Customers can read the billing information by using screen reading software and/or a refreshable Braille display.

Forms & Pamphlets for the Ethnic Minorities

To enable local ethnic minorities to better understand our services, we publish key forms and pamphlets in Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Tagalog, Thai and Urdu.

Customer Services Pamphlet

Customer Services Leaflet

Efficient Use of Electricity Pamphlet

Customer Services Leaflet

For more details, please refer to 'Information for Ethnic Minorities'.

Life-Support Equipment Users

For our customers depending on life supporting equipment, we will specially register their accounts in our various information systems to alert our staff to handle their electricity supplies with extra care. We will also endeavour to inform these customers before planned supply interruptions.

Special Facilities

Special Facilities for Disabled Customers

For disabled customers, special facilities for access and an Express Counter are tailored for them at the Customer Centre.

Teleloop System

For the convenience of the hearing-impaired customers to communicate with our frontline staff, a teleloop system has been set up at the counter at our Customer Centre. The teleloop system enables hearing-impaired customers with a hearing-aid device to talk and listen to the Customer Services Executives without being disturbed by the noise from the surroundings.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

To further enhance the ability of caring customer with special needs and offer emergency support, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is installed at our Customer Centre. It would be operated by well-trained and certified staff to assist patient whose heart suddenly and unexpectedly stop beating.

Videos in Sign Language

We have collaborated with The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf for production of sign language videos. The videos provide a more effective channel for the hearing impaired customers to understand about safety tips, efficient use of electricity and handle supply interruptions.

Sign Language Video: Efficient Use of ElectricitySign Language Video: Safety Tips on Using ElectricitySign Language Video: Handle Supply Interruptions

Sign Language Video: Efficient Use of Electricity

Sign Language Video: Safety Tips on Using Electricity

Sign Language Video: Handle Supply Interruptions