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Concessionary Tariffs & Caring Services


Concessionary Tariffs & Caring Services

It is one of our missions to care for the needy in society. In 1994, we introduced Concessionary Tariff Scheme for the Elderly. The scope of the Scheme has been expanding over the years and currently there are four types of concessionary tariff schemes, namely, Concessionary Tariff Schemes for the Elderly, the Disabled, Single-parent Families and the Unemployed. We also have "Super Saver Discount" to encourage energy saving and residential customers with consumption not more than 100 units in a month are entitled to receive a 5% discount.

We have also provided various tailor-made services for customers with special needs, such as SMS enquiry service, sign language videos, Braille bills and electronic bill for visually impaired customers, forms and pamphlets for the ethnic minorities, registration of "life-support" equipment users and other special facilities such as teleloop for the hearing impaired in our Customer Centre.

In addition, we provide energy efficiency advice to customers, and are willing to listen to customers with difficulties in bill settlement to see what we can help. Please call us at 2887 3411.