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​​FAQs on Electricity Consumption


​​FAQs on Electricity Consumption

There are many factors affecting the units consumed and the amount of your monthly electricity bill. In most of the cases, an increase in consumption may be caused by a combination of causes like weather, billing period and defective appliances, etc. The following are some of the frequently asked questions from our customers.

Will weather affect my bill?

Weather is one of the main factors which affect your bill. In summer times, air conditioners will consume more electricity when the outdoor temperature becomes higher. This is because the actual working hours or the "cut-in" time for the compressor controlled by the thermostat are longer in order to maintain the same room temperature. In other words, although the same number of hours of the air conditioner is turned on, its electricity consumption actually varies according to the outdoor temperature. This is the same case with your refrigerator.
Similarly, electric heaters will consume more electricity when the outdoor temperature becomes lower in winter. Having your cooling and heating equipment in top working conditions will substantially save energy and lower the bill.

How does the billing period affect my bill?

We take your meter reading once every month which on average would be 30 days. However, depending upon holidays that may occur, the billing period may vary. So one way to compare the consumption is to divide the number of units consumed by the number of billing days. The number of units consumed per day is a more reliable indicator in making the comparison in electricity consumption.

Will the bill increase even if there is no additional electrical appliance?

Electricity consumption of electrical appliances will increase if there is change in weather conditions. Your bill may also increase if there is more frequent use of appliances, inefficient or faulty appliance, or appliances are left switched on unnecessarily, etc.

Why is my bill not significantly reduced in my vacation?

There will be a drop in electricity consumption while you go on vacation. However, the savings in your bill may be less obvious if your vacation period falls across two bills, in which case any savings may spread over two bills and become less distinctive.

Why is my bill different from my neighbours'?

It often happens that customers may compare their electricity bills with their neighbours'. Sometimes, they are similar, but at other times, they are not. With the difference in premises size, number and age of family members, number, brand and usage pattern of electrical appliances etc., considerable variances in electricity bills between neighbours are often noticed.

Is the meter read every month?

Your meters are read every month. Only in exceptional situations like having a typhoon, black rainstorm or inaccessibility to your meter shall we estimate the reading. If this is the case, we will mention clearly on your bill that this is an estimated account. You can call us at 2887 3411 for verifying the reading, reporting your meter reading or making arrangement with us to take the reading.

Is the meter tested before use?

Our records show that tariff meters are very accurate and reliable. As a matter of fact, all meters undergo rigorous testing in our Tariff Meter Testing Centre before they are installed in your premises. Our meter testing services are certified to the ISO 9001 quality management standard. If you have any queries on the accuracy of your meter, please call us at 2887 3411.

We hope the above information will be useful to you. We have also prepared tips on the efficient use of electricity and running cost of electrical appliances for your reference.